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Trough series #1: The Galilee (detail)

Trough series #1: The Galilee (detail)

Year: 2020

Medium: Ceramic, steel, found materials

Height: 94cm

Width: 56cm

Depth: 64cm


From the Exhibition: Liminal Space

Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

Collection of: Private

Photographed by: Andrew Rankin


    Trough #1 

    The three works that make up the Trough series reference the Galilee Basin, one of the largest known coal reserves in the world which is located in central Queensland. The first in the series, entitled The Galilee, depicts the endangered Black throated finch, whose grassy woodland habitat was situated atop the proposed mine where a specific grass, whose seeds it feeds upon, grows. When the Federal and State Governments granted approval for Adani’s Carmichael coal mine they also opened the way for the destruction of the bird’s habitat, environment as well as local farmlands and the cultural heritage of the region’s traditional owners.

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