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Trough series #3: Nemesis

Trough series #3: Nemesis

Year: 2020

Medium: Ceramic, steel, wire, bones, found materials

Height: 113cm

Width: 56cm

Depth: 64cm


From the Exhibition: Liminal Space

Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

Collection of: Private

Photographed by: Andrew Rankin


    Since European settlement in this land of ours we have destroyed so very, very much of what is good and beautiful, so many extinct or endangered, animals, birds, plants…. then the Maralinga nuclear tests which left many Indigenous people cut off from their lands unable to return due to contamination. And still there is more…….Bad water management of what used to be the mighty Murray River, ditto the Darling River at Menindee with hundreds of thousands of fish dying, the leaching of toxic waste from NT mines into waterways, our own carbon emissions and export of coal contributing to global warming which impacts so greatly on our reefs etcetera. The third trough, Nemesis, represents that which will catch us up unless we and our politicians ensure that care of our environment is paramount in every situation.


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