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Transition series

Transition series

Year: 2006

Transition series ( 3 works) 

Medium: Ceramic and perlite with oxide washes

Length: 103 cm

Width: 44cm

Height: 15cm


From the Exhibition: Sensing the Silence: Mary Kathleen

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

Photographed by: Robin Gould

Collection of: Private


    We also see figures entombed in what may be stone coffins. They symbolize a strong male figure and a female figure who carries in her womb a child who is heir to the deformities and genetic mutations which have long been attributed to the horrendous effects of uranium. Entombed in total silence, their predicament resounds with the aftermath of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. And hand in hand with this silence is the implication that vast energies have been also been at work in the creation, the function, and finally the destruction of these sites.

     (Extract from exhibition catalogue essay by Gordon Foulds)

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