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Keeping You Safe

Keeping You Safe

Year: 2020

Keeping You Safe

Medium: Ceramic,  found steel, timber

Height: 47cm

Width: 59cm

Depth: 40cm




From the Exhibition: Liminal Space

Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

Photographed by: Andrew Rankin

Collection of: Private




    Rather than restoring the extinct, I’d much rather we put conservation strategies in place to preserve those 464 Australian fauna4 species currently critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable and to whom the possibility of extinction is a reality. The mixed media work Keeping you safe, is a response to all those who vilify and become frenzied at the mere mention of a bat. Tragically of the 77 bat species in Australia, 43 are identified as being locally or nationally threatened by habitat loss, inappropriate fire regimes, drought and heat waves.

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