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Green Spiky Encounter

Green Spiky Encounter

Year: 2015
Medium: Ceramic and cast iron
Height : 55cm
Width: 24cm
Depth: 12cm



From the Exhibition: Godre'r Glais

Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts
Collection of: The Artist

Photographed by: J. Mulcahy


    Godre'r Glais

    The 2015 exhibition Godre'r Glais, showcased the work of four Australian artists, Alison Mc Donald, Jenny Mulcahy, Jill O'Sullivan and Gerald Soworka. All artists being recent participants in the International Residency program at the Aberystwyth Art Centre in Wales. Godre'r Glais being the name of residence provided for international artists.

    One of the many architectural joys of the Aberystwyth Art Centre are the huge windows from which you can look out over Cardigan Bay and to the Irish sea beyond. Every morning I would pause on my way to the studio to enjoy the view and watch the early morning play of light on the sea and ponder the constantly changing clarity of the horizon line ... sometimes so distinct it appeared as though drawn wth a felt tip pen, and at others, sea and sky indistinguishable from each other ... just slowly shifting patterns of grey, the whole frequently obscured by a fine mizzle.

    I hadn't realised the subliminal impact of these linear elements (horizon lines and views edited by window frames) until, dissatisfied with the initial works I had made for this exhibition, I started the Interstices' series in which strong linear elements are an intrinsic element of the work.

    Interstices are spaces that intervene between things: especially one between closely placed things ... for example, the interstices within a wall... or a small and narrow space or interval between things ... a space, a gap,aperture, opening, hole, chink, cranny etc.

    The Interstice series of works also reference what I have come to consider as metaphysical interstices ... fragments of space ... that small partition or gap between one place and another, the division one must pass through on the crossing of a threshold, the changing texture of the world apparent as one passes from one atmosphere to another.

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