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Gorge Sentinals and Fossil Outcrops

Gorge Sentinals and Fossil Outcrops

Year: 1999

Medium: Ceramic
Height: 2100mm
Width (Variable): 40-80mm

From the exhibition: Beneath Our Feet

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville

Collection of: Ann Turnbull, the Artist and the Museum of Tropical Queensland

Photographed by: J. Mulcahy


    Beneath our Feet

    This was a major exhibition  of work first held at the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville and then shown at the Craft Queensland Gallery in Brisbane.

    The work in the exhibition was a response by Mulcahy to the degradation  and environmental  damage being caused to the north Queensland  landscape by large scale mining. Of particular concern was the mine operating close to the fragile  and unique Riversleigh Fossil Fields.

    The large scale, black fired, Gorge Sentinals (6 of) stand over 2 metres tall and  reference the towering and rugged walls of the Riversleigh Gorge. They provide a stark contrast to the delicate and fragile works in the Tread Softly Dominic series which are constructed from paper thin wafers of clay and fibre. 

    These thin wafers of clay feature impressed images of fossils from Riversleigh and imprints of Mulcahy's baby grandson's foot which  only become visible when the works are lit from behind. 

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