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Bottle Series #1 & #2

Bottle Series #1 & #2

Year: 2017
Medium: Ceramic
Height (Variable): 150 -190mm

From the exhibition: Falling Softly Into Ash

 Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

Photographed by: J. Mulcahy


    The works created for the Falling Softly into Ash series references the transient nature of all living things, how they evolve, then perish, ultimately becoming the means from which a new generation of life will emerge.

    The delicate images are created by first impressing fragile plant material into a soft paste made from porcelain this is then fired to a high temperature thus permanently embedding the plant material in the paper thin porcelain, the ashy residue delineating the remnant plant material.

    Ash has also been used to create a variety of finishes in the series of still life groupings which have been either  Saggar or Raku fired resulting in a variety of colours obtained from the sawdust and green plant material used in the firing process.

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